Ken’s Crepes

We are a huge fan of Ken’s Crepes. Huge Fans. In fact, that kid right there is one of Ken’s biggest fans. She would eat nutella crepes for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we let her but luckily there isn’t enough money in her piggy bank to afford that kind of lifestyle.

We were so excited to hear that the team has re-opened  at wind surfers corner again in Nightcliff that it took us about 2.5 seconds to ditch everything we were doing and jump in the car for dinner at the beach.

There was a few different variations thrown around. Nutella and strawberries, nutella and banana, cajun chicken and avocado and of course ham, cheese and ken’s famous tomato sauce.

After dinner there was trees to climb, rock pools to explore and a few races on the grass before heading home again for a relaxing night in where we didn’t have to do the dishes.

Seriously, it just doesn’t get better then that.

Ken’s Crepes operates at Wind Surfers Corner in Nightcliff every Friday night.  Keep an eye on their facebook page for updates. 

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