De la Plage

It’s been a while since there has been a cafe post on this site. In fact in the time I’ve been gone from this space we sent one more child off to school and had another baby, a boy!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t finding raising our son a whole lot more challenging then our girls. He is just full of spirit and always on the go. Our girls were free spirited and I use to call them wild but Jack has just taken it to a whole other level.

When he was younger and not crawling around visiting cafes was a piece of cake but when he started crawling around, walking and then running I definitely pulled back form society a little and kept the crazy social visits to a minimum.

This year with four kids back at school I’m determined to make the most of Darwin’s vibrant cafe scene and get out there and find some child friendly spaces to explore with my little terror.

We had an early start this morning, Jack woke before the sun was up and this never happens so I just knew he was going to be emotional if we didn’t get out there and wear him down for an early nap.

We ventured off to De la Plage who have recently re-opened for the dry season. Just a little bit earlier then they usually do I believe but we were not complaining at all.

Jack’s attention was immediately drawn to the cool orange barricade by the entrance, he made sure to inspect it throughly before moving on. It was overcast this morning and it was a little quieter then it usually is so there was plenty of seats to choose from. Lots of dogs around too.

We choose a seat among to the trees drink our babycino and then moved over to the comfortable day bed by the big tree once our french toast was ready.  All up it cost us $21, we can never go past those $1 babycinos. Luckily today I remember to bring the baby wipes because it can get a little messy sometimes.

There was a few mozzies around this morning so make sure you pack some mozzie repellant from Natural Wonders in your bag. 

It’s a hard life sometimes. But somebodies got to do it.

De la Plague is located at the Darwin Surf Life Saving Club on Darribah Road. They are open 7 days a week during the dry season until 3pm. They are also open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights with the Surf Club being open for drinks too. 

There isn’t always seats available so bring your picnic rug, hats for the kids and some toys for kids to play in the sand.


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