Lucky Bat Cafe

We were on a roll this morning and I had all four kids in the car at 7:45am. Yes, Abigail had just stumbled out of bed wearing a pyjama top, tutu and no shoes but we were out the door and were going to be early.

The plan was to drop the kids off, come home for a quick breakfast and outfit change and make the 9am session at flip out but we arrived home only to discover we couldn’t open our front gate.

A quick call to the power company and I soon discovered the power was out across most of Darwin and wouldn’t be back on for sometime so I took it as a sign that the universe wanted us to go out for breakfast.

I thought about doing a quick trip to McDonald’s and still making the 9am session but decided a trip to Lucky Bat Cafe would be much more enjoyable.

Inside the cafe was actually a little cold this morning so we picked a spot out in the back garden.  As usual it was  bustling with life inside and out, but it didn’t feel too crowded to bring the kids and a pram along for an early morning coffee or in our case a hot chocolate. Breakfast for the two of us set us back $32.

You can find Lucky Bat Cafe at 3/7 Pavonia Place, Nightcliff and there is always plenty of parking out the front.

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